How to attach a custom introductory message to a connection request on Alignable? 💬

Attaching a custom introductory message to a connection request you send another business on Alignable is the best way to increase the chances of your connection request of being accepted. By writing the reason why you are looking to meet this person, whether to work together or to just learn about their business, it helps you establish trust by giving the other person a reason for them to want to accept your connection request in the first place.

When you attach a custom message, we'll show the person you sent your connection request to the message before they accept it, presenting you for an opportunity to increase the odds of your request getting accepted. The more requests get accepted, the more opportunities for relationships to be formed will come as you now have the ability to message this business directly on Alignable after the connection is made. 

Here is how to attach a custom message with your connection request: 

  1. Send a connection request to another member. A popup will appear confirming your connection request.
  2. When asked why you are looking to connect, choose Another Reason

  3. Write a custom message. 
  4. Click Send Request.

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