The Alignable Photographer Program

Screen_Shot_2019-12-09_at_1.41.45_PM.pngAlignable Photography (Beta) is a new program to give Alignable photographer members the opportunity to feature their photography in Alignable marketing materials, which includes, Alignable articles, the Community Newsletter(s), and more. This page was created to help us gauge the interest of our over 100,000 photographer member community within our over 4 million member base, and also to provide a way to have those interested to send their photographs with Alignable marketing and design team.

We believe this program is a true win-win for Alignable and our members. It works for us, as ideally we'll be able to source member photos that tell much more compelling stories than those of many stock photos. This program is a great opportunity for our members, as when we use your photos we'll add attribution to their placements, which will drive more traffic to your respective Alignable profile pages, and as a result, will drive more visibility to your business.

Types of photographs we're looking for from you:

Photos for General Use:

  • All photos should be SMB (Small medium business) related
  • We're looking for photos of people, including business owners, posed, candids, in their work environment, employees, customers, people working with customers, at a laptop etc.
  • Business local store fronts, community, photos of Main Street etc.
  • Products, services, promotions, networking events etc.
  • Prop shoots: Piggy bank, Open for Business sign, notebook and pen, etc.



Photos we need for our 2020 Community Newsletters and Articles

We would love to use selected submissions for Alignable marketing materials in our 2020 community newsletters and articles. Photographic themes we're interested in:

  • Growing your business: Setting goals, hosting meetups, advertising
  • Employees: Hiring, seasonal hiring
  • Financing Your Business: Setting Goals, Managing Cash, Access to Capital
  • Business Challenges / Opportunities: Community Building, Tax Reform, Support Non-P, Top SMB Brands
  • Personal Development: Support, learn, etc.
  • Finance related: Financial planners, accountants, local banks

Requirements: Photos meet the minimum size requirement of 5 megapixels. 
For a standard landscape orientation photo, 5 megapixels is at least 2500 by 2000 pixels in size.

Photos are original.

Photos are not over edited.

Our interpretation of over-editing includes:

  • Heavy vignetting
  • Over-sharpened
  • Over-saturated
  • Picking single colors out on black and white photos


Any royalties paid? Unfortunately not at this point. 

How is copyright secured? You own the rights if you took the photograph.

What are the guidelines to being a participating member? Any members have the opportunity to submit photos for consideration, and all photographs will contain attribution with a back link to the respective business owners profile. However, we give priority to Alignable members who are business owners of their own photography company.

What is the process? The process is documented in this article. You can send any questions you have to

Is there a cost? No. It is free for all members to participate.

What are the rates and fees? There are no rates and fees. It's free.

What are the restrictions? Nudity and violence photographs will not be considered.

Are there any protections in place to prevent someone copying the images? If you took the photograph then you have the right to enforce protection. Alignable is not responsible for copied images.

Do I have to be a Premium member to participate? No. Any member (free or paid) is allowed to participate.

Is this really a free program? Yes.

What is the cost and return? Free to participate. This program is a great opportunity to market your services.

How do rights and releases work? The person submitting the photo must be the person who took the photo. They own the rights.

I've received verbal and written permission to use photos with the individuals e.g. weddings, headshots, etc. Does Alignable need a release form for those individuals? No.

How will we be compensated for use of images? There is no compensation for this program. This is an opportunity to drive more traffic to your business. 

Will my used photograph contain my business name and a link to my Alignable profile? Yes. We will include your business attribution with a back link to your Alignable profile.

What are you going to do with my photo? We may publish your photograph in some or all of our marketing materials including, but not limited to, Alignable Articles, Community Newsletter(s), and more.

Email with any other questions. 

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