I've connected with another business - now what?

Before you read this article if you haven't read and understood our article on the actions you need to do before you send a connection request or introduce yourself to another business, make sure to read how to send a winning connection request before you continue with this article. 

Now, you've connected with another business on Alignable. That's great! You did your homework, you sent a custom message using an icebreaker, and you've completed your own profile to show trust to businesses you want to connect with.

At this point, your thinking: "Great! I've connected with the business I wanted to connect with. But how do I move the relationship further?"

Whether you are looking to convert this business into a client or if you are looking to build a partnership with that business, here are 3 tips to take to make sure you get this across the finish line: 

  1. Start a conversation as soon as possible

    Without starting a conversation with this business, there is no way you are going to achieve your goal. So make sure you send your new connection a message as soon as you connect. It's very important to do this as soon as possible as you are fresh in their mind. To start a conversation simply go to the Messages tab of Alignable and send them a message.

  2. Ask to meet for coffee or for a quick phone call

    We cannot stress this enough! Meeting in person or over the phone call is the best and fastest way to build a relationship with a person you want to convert into a client or exchange referrals with. And we've seen that the businesses that have the most success on Alignable are those that meet in person with their prospects.

    Although this may seem time-consuming, doing so will not only help you build trust faster with the business you want to work with but because this business owner will eventually trust you and know you, they'll send you referrals from people they know who have a need for the products and services you offer for a very long time. 

  3. Follow Up

    You should average about a 60% acceptance rate for any connection requests you send to other businesses. If for some reason the business you are looking to work with does not respond to your message or connection request, make sure to follow up with a message or phone call and use Alignable as an icebreaker to tell them why you are calling. Using an icebreaker turns a cold call into a warm call and can help move that relationship to the next step.

Whether you follow these steps or not, you are only going to find success if you invest the time in building these relationships. Ultimately, the more relationships you spend the time building in the short-term, the more clients you'll get in the long-term. 

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