How to search and find businesses on Alignable.

Using Search to Find Businesses to Network With

The best way to find any type of business on Alignable is using the search bar. It's the best tool to find businesses you can trust in a specific industry or location. You can also use Search to find businesses with whom you have mutual connections. 

Click Here to go to Search.

  • Search for businesses by industry

    Type in and select from the dropdown options one or industry categories or verticals.


  • Filter businesses by city or state:

    Type in and select from the dropdown options one or more cities, states or provinces.


  • Filter businesses by relationship and reputation

    If you are only looking to work highly reputable businesses, use our reputation and relationship filters to find businesses worth working with.

    1. Find Mutual Connections

      Choose the 2nd-degree relationship filter to see businesses you have mutual connections with. This is a great way to find businesses to get introduced to through people that already trust my business.


    2. Find Reputable, Highly Recommended Businesses

      Filter for Highly Recommended businesses to see businesses that have 5 or more recommendations.


Using Clickable Tags to find businesses within a specific category or industry.

Across Alignable, you will find tags that will be used to describe the specific business categories and services for different businesses. All of those tags can be used to search for businesses within those categories or who offer specific services.


For example, on your profile, you can list the specific categories of businesses that match your ideal customer and those businesses that you can work with to help you reach those ideal customers.

Let's say I was looking to find chambers of commerce on Alignable. By clicking on the Chamber of Commerce tag, the site takes me to a list of over 5,800 businesses on Alignable who fit that description:


Using the My Network page to prospect businesses by category. 

The businesses that detailed that their primary customers are businesses will receive a special prospecting tab within your My Network menu for you to prospect businesses within a specific category. 


While on this tab, you will be able to prospect businesses within a specific group of categories. By default, we will pre-populate the tags of the businesses you'd detailed in the Who we want to work with section of your profile. However, you can temporarily change them within the My Network page. 

Today, for example, I want to focus on prospecting restaurants so I'll remove other tags and list the Restaurant tag as a category within the filter at the top. Then I'll click Update to get new results:


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