What benefits should I expect after sponsoring a community newsletter?

Newsletter sponsorships regularly drive profile greater visibility and brand awareness for your products or services, events or promotions, or your Alignable profile. It's an excellent way to showcase your business and stand out. 

When sponsoring a community newsletter on Alignable, you can expect benefits

  1. Increase visibility
  2. Improve brand awareness within the community
  3. Promote your business to a targeted audience
  4. Establish your business as a thought leader in your industry
  5. Foster relationships with potential customers and partners

The newsletter email typically sees a 25-30% open rate, but many more people will see your ad when they login to the website. When you sponsor a newsletter, your ad will also be displayed on the community group home page for everyone in that community for the duration of the ad.

A way for you to increase the effectiveness of your sponsorship is by regularly checking your Profile Activity Page! You have the ability to access the information of the businesses that clicked on your profile. Even if many people don't directly reach out to you, you can connect and message with these businesses who clicked on your profile as they are "warm leads". They have already shown interest in you and it is a great way to potentially gain more customers!

Unfortunately, we don't have any statistics around the number of customers you could receive as we are unable to track how people end up buying from the featured business. And as with any advertising, we can't guarantee that you will receive new customers.


To answer all other questions about sponsoring the newsletter you can learn more here: 

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