Stronger Together: Growing Your Business by Networking On Alignable - Alignable Webinar

New to Alignable and want to learn the ropes? Curious about networking but not really sure how you should get started?

In our Stronger Together Webinar, we'll walk you through some of the powerful tools now at your disposal, answer any burning questions you have, and get you set up for growing your business with Alignable.


This webinar should take only 20 minutes with 10 minutes to spare for Q&A. We'll be covering the following: First, we'll give you a quick overview of who we are and why we do what we do. Then, we'll talk networking, and how small businesses are truly stronger together. Finally, we'll share some insider tips on how Alignable can help you grow your business through the power of networking.


Alignable With more than 4 million members and millions of connections across more than 30,000 local communities, Alignable is the online network where small business owners across North America drive leads and prospects, generate referrals, land new business, build trusted relationships, and share great advice. Members use Alignable to get the industry answers they need, connect within their local business community or across the country, and increase buzz for their business.

Headquartered in Boston, Alignable was made public in 2014 and is venture-backed by Mayfield Fund, Recruit Strategic Partners, Saturn Partners, NextView Ventures and Lead Edge Capital.

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