How To Request A Category, Featured or Service Tag to be added to Alignable?

How To Request A New Tag

While at this time, there is a pre-determined list of tags available, if you'd like to request a tag not currently in that list, follow these steps:

  1. Start by Entering the tag you'd like to request. If the tag is not available, you will see dropdown.

  2. Select the option to "Submit a Request for This Tag":
  3. A pop-up window will appear, enter a reason for requesting the tag, and confirm the tag you'd like to request, and select "Submit":Tag_Reason.png


How to increase the chances of your tag request being accepted:

  1. Make sure you only request one tag at a time. Your request will not be processed if you place more than one tag per request.

    • A Correct Request:

      Social Media Marketing

    • An incorrect request:

      Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Photography

  2. Tags that are approved are tags that encompass a large number of businesses that could be categorized within the same tag.

  3. In the same mindset, request tags that you believe a large number of Alignable members will use to search for businesses like yours.

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