Newsletter Sponsorships - FAQs

What is a Newsletter Sponsorship?

A Newsletter Sponsorship is an opportunity to promote your business to a targeted audience through Alignable's Local Spark Newsletter. The newsletter is sent out weekly on Sundays to members of your community, and your sponsorship allows you to include a promotional message, business update, or event announcement.

How much does a Newsletter Sponsorship cost?

The cost of a Newsletter Sponsorship varies depending on the size of the community you are looking to sponsor and your membership plan. You can find more information about pricing by visiting the Advertise page in your Alignable account.

What types of content can I include in my sponsored placement?

You can include a variety of content in your sponsored placement, such as promotional content, business updates, and event announcements. It is important to ensure that your content is relevant and valuable to the Alignable community and adheres to Alignable's terms of use and advertising policies.

What are the benefits of sponsoring a community newsletter?

Sponsoring a community newsletter can increase visibility, brand awareness within the community, and promote your business to a targeted audience. It can also establish your business as a thought leader in your industry and foster relationships with potential customers and partners.

Can I sponsor more than one community newsletter?

Yes, you can sponsor multiple community newsletters by visiting the Advertise page in your Alignable account and selecting the communities you wish to sponsor.

Is there a deadline for purchasing or editing a newsletter sponsorship?

Yes, sponsorships must be finalized or submitted by 3 PM EST the Friday before the newsletter is sent out.

Can I cancel my Community Sponsorship at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your community sponsorship at anytime.  Your sponsorship will auto-renew each month on the same date and time.  If you would like to cancel, you must cancel prior to the renewal date to avoid being charged again.  Your sponsorship placement will continue run through the end of your billing cycle.
To learn how to cancel see this article: How Do I Cancel My Newsletter Sponsorship?

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