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Does Alignable offer paid sponsorship or advertising opportunities?

Yes, we do! We offer members looking to increase the visibility of their business, their products or services, or their events and promotions by purchasing a sponsored placement in Alignable bi-weekly community newsletter which is sent to Alignable members within a specific community. 

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What benefits should I expect after sponsoring a community newsletter?

Newsletter sponsorships regularly drive profile greater visibility and brand awareness for your products or services, events or promotions, or your Alignable profile. It's an excellent way to showcase your business and stand out.


If you are a Premium member, you can use tools like being able to see who viewed your profile to follow up with people who showed interest in your sponsored content and convert them into connections, leads, etc. 

What is the cost to sponsor the newsletter?

The cost of sponsoring your local newsletter is based on how many members are part of the community you are looking to sponsor. Your sponsorship cost will also vary depending on what membership plan you are currently under. 

Members who have a paid Premium or Premium Plus subscription get to sponsor the newsletter at 50% off the available price.

You can learn the final cost of sponsoring your newsletter by going through the check out process here:

What is included in the cost of a Newsletter Sponsorship?

Sponsoring the local community newsletter doesn't only include a placement within the newsletter, but it also includes some extra perks. A newsletter sponsorship includes: 

  1. A newsletter sponsored placement of a product or service, event or promotion, or your business referral card.

  2. A 7-day ad in the My Community page of the site available to be seen by all members in the sponsored community:

  3. A 14-day ad in the Home page of the site available to be seen by all members in the sponsored community:

What does the newsletter email look like?

You can find a sample newsletter for a newsletter sent in August of 2019 to Boston community businesses here:

To see samples of previous newsletters sent to businesses in your community, you can go to the My Community page and click on the newsletter section of the left-hand side to see what they look like: 


What types of content can I place in my sponsored placement?

We offer three options for content you can place on the newsletter to increase its visibility.

  1. Products & Services: You can sponsor products and services that your business offers that you have added to your profile. When you sponsor a service, it links back to the service page, and it will look something like this:

  2. Events & Promotions: If you are hosting any events and promotions you can also list them within your purchased sponsorship. When members receive and click on the event in the newsletter it will be sent directly to the events and promotions page of such event. When you sponsor an event, it will look something like this:

  3. Referral Card: Referral Cards on Alignable are digital business cards you can use to send and receive a connection's profile's to other businesses in your network. In this case, you can sponsor your businesses' referral card which would link back to your Alignable profile.

Is there a deadline for puchasing a newsletter sponsorship?

Sponsorships must be submitted by 3pm EST the Friday before the Newsletter is sent out. To learn more about the Newsletter or purchase a sponsorship, click here.

How far in advance can I purchase a sponsored placement in a newsletter?

You can purchase a sponsored placement up to 6 months in advance before the date the newsletter is sent.

How often are newsletter sent to members in a community?

Newsletters are sent on a bi-weekly basis.

Can I sponsor more than one community newsletter? 

Yes, you can! You can sponsor any of the more than 2,000 community newsletters available. Just select the newsletters you'd like to sponsor at check out here:

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  Still need help?

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