Sept 30th, 2019: Introducing Alignable Group Chat: A new way to network.

Revolutionizing small business networking is part of our DNA here at Alignable and with 4 million small businesses online and 100 million+ connections between them, we’re bringing you a new way to stay in touch with your network. Introducing Group Chat

Group Chat is the easiest way to message more of your network all at the same time. Whether you’re coordinating between your Local BNI, a handful of customers, or even just your neighbors.

Group Chat is here to help you share powerful ideas and grow together. Simply add up to 30 business owners to a Group Chat, give it a title, and send your first message. Voilá! You’re maximizing your messaging and giving your networking a real boost.  

Why use Group Chat?

Staying in-the-know with multiple connections just got a lot easier with Group Chat.

Here are just a few ways you can use Group Chat:

  • Send a referral or make an introduction from one connection to another. 
  • Organize a local meetup with a few other business owners.
  • Chat with your Local BNI group.
  • Bring everyone together who’s working on a project with you for a Group Chat meeting -- your vendors, clients, and more. 
  • Catch up with a few neighbors to discuss local news
  • Conduct a quick poll among a small group either in your town or industry to give you more fodder for a content article you’re writing.

Ready to chat? Here’s how to get started. 

  1. Head to Messages
  2. Click Start a Group Chat or New Message.
  3. Select some recent connections or search for businesses you are already connected with. You can have up to 30 members in Group Chat.
  4. Give the group a descriptive, catchy, name like Party Planning Committee.
  5. Click Create and send your first message.

After you send your first message, your new Group Chat will be saved on your messages and will be available whenever you need it. It’s really that simple. So what are you waiting for? 

Take full advantage of our new Group Chat feature to expand your messaging and networking today.  

Group Chat Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rename a Group Chat once it has been created?

Yes! Just click the button labeledScreen_Shot_2019-08-28_at_4.53.49_PM.png and then click Edit Group Chat from there you can change the title and remove any members you’d like.

Can I add anyone to a Group Chat? 

Group Chat can be started with anyone you are Connected with on Alignable. If they are not on Alignable, you can always invite them using this link here.

Can I remove myself from a Group Chat? 

If someone has added you to a Group Chat you can remove yourself or mute the Group Chat by clicking the button labeled Screen_Shot_2019-08-28_at_4.53.49_PM.png and then selecting either Mute or the Leave Group Chat option from the drop-down menu.

Do I need to give my Group Chat a name?

Group Chats behave differently than regular message threads to more than one member. If you'd like to have a named Group Chat, with admin tools, you'll want to give the Group Chat a name. Otherwise, if you think this thread is going to be temporary, feel free to leave it with no name. 

Where can I get further help on Group Chat?

You can find more information on Group Chat in our Help Center

Ready to get started? Head to Messages and start your first Group Chat

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