Can you believe my sales went up 80% using Alignable? Now I’m one of the Top 10 Sales Performers!


Hi! I’m Annie Smith, an Account Executive for Welcome Wagon, in Brielle, NJ. And I wanted to just take a few minutes to tell you how much I have gained from my experience on Alignable. For starters, my efforts as a Premium member on this platform have helped me grow my business by 80%! (I know that sounds incredible, but hey, it’s true!). 

And that’s not all! By exceeding my sales goals I’ve received a great deal of recognition at my company. I was just honored as one of the Top 10 Sales Performers in the U.S., and now I’ve been invited to be part of our Sales Leadership Cruise! 

To give you a little bit of background on my company, Welcome Wagon recommends local businesses exclusively to new families moving to a specific area. This helps many local businesses build relationships with these new families, who may not have selected a new dry cleaner, realtor, accountant, dentist and so on yet. 

So, our referrals are often just what the newcomers need and yield new business for local merchants and other professionals who want to grow their customer base. Welcome Wagon creates win-win situations every day -- and by using Alignable, that’s even easier for us to do. If you’re interested in reaching new consumers, connect with me on Alignable and let’s talk about what I can do for you.

How I Use Alignable to Find New Clients

I’ve been on Alignable since March 2018 and I’m loving it! Here’s how it’s helped me:

  • The results! What other business networking platform can you use to boost your sales by 80%?
  • I can use it from home! It’s infinitely easier than knocking on doors all day. With Alignable, I’m meeting people I want to meet and make new connections every day -- from the comfort of my own office.
  • It’s an instant icebreaker and turns a cold lead into a warm lead. Making introductions to local businesses is much easier and faster for me on Alignable.
  • I’m very familiar with my area around Brielle, but thanks to Alignable, I’m still finding nearby businesses that I didn’t even know existed, with 10 to 20 joining every day.
  • I can easily showcase what I offer by creating content like promotions that get shared across the platform, helping me stay top of mind with all of my current clients and prospects! Here’s one of my recent promotions as an example:

In my opinion, if you’re not on Alignable, you’re losing out.

And if you’re on Alignable and you’re not taking advantage of a Premium account, you’re not making the most of your time here, since going Premium has greatly accelerated my results. I’ve made ten-fold what I invested, since my Premium membership allows me to connect with 4X more people every month and reach people in surrounding communities.

I Use Alignable Every Day

I use it every single day. I add events. I connect, follow up, and message. Then I have a phone call or I meet someone offline. Sometimes I do everything on Alignable, from the initial connection to closing a sale.

The biggest thing I tell people about Alignable is that you just need to get on the platform and go for it. Create a nice profile that’s really your calling card for anyone who would want to connect with you. Then find the right types of businesses in your community. Connect with them...and keep going! Soon, you’ll be well on your way to building more success for your business.

Create Meaningful Connections

What you’ll see pretty quickly is that no connection is a bad connection. Even if the people you connect with don’t need your services at the moment, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make the most out of that connection. He or she can help recommend you to others.

Summing everything up...Alignable has worked very well for me and I’m sure it can be very effective for you, too. And If you’re a business owner in the Breille area and want to reach new customers -- make sure to connect with me and I’ll show you how we can make your business shine!

Thanks for reading!


All the best,


Annie Smith

Welcome Wagon Account Executive

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