How Alignable Helped Me Build A 3-Year Advertiser Pipeline


Hi! My name is Laurie Scott and I run Scott Publishing LLC, a Best Version Media partner. I’m thrilled to let you know that I just went to print with the Fossil Ridge Neighbors, July edition, and have my baseline advertisers locked in for the next 36 months! My Premium membership at Alignable helped me hit that major goal and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Fossil Ridge Neighbors is a high-end publication for the Fossil Ridge community, which highlights local activities, events, and engaging content. Our advertisers include landscapers, realtors, financial services providers, automotive dealers and more. If you’re interested in reaching Fossil Ridge consumers, connect with me on Alignable and let’s talk.

How I Use Alignable

I’ve been on Alignable since November 2018 and I’m a big fan! Here’s why:

  • It’s a great way to make a warm introduction -- and it beats cold calling any day.
  • It’s efficient! I can accomplish a lot in just 10 minutes a day on Alignable.
  • I’ve found nearby businesses here that I didn’t even know existed before.
  • I can easily show off my expertise and value to the community by answering questions and helping others. Believe me, what goes around, comes around -- especially on this platform!

For me, this all has added up to networking effectively with other local business owners and building strong relationships with potential partners and many of those great advertisers I already mentioned. It’s really the perfect place to introduce yourself and help people to get to know who you are and what you do. They get excited about working with you, which can lead to countless referrals, prospects, and deals.

Alignable is super simple, but I have a few key tips to help you dive right in:

4 Steps To Success With Alignable

  1. Stand Out With A Great Profile

    Take some time to really make your profile look good. Check out mine here to see how I did it.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

    • Tags -- Make sure you use tags so that you show up in the right searches.

    • Pictures -- Add a photo of yourself to make your profile more personal.

    • About Us -- Give a clear and concise description of your business, and who your ideal customer is, as this section is really important.

    • Products and Services -- Tell the world specifically what you offer.

    Want more help putting all of this together? Check out this post about defining your Ideal Customer or feel free to use mine as a reference! And here’s a helpful guide on creating a great profile.

    Choosing the right membership level is key, too. The levels are: Verified for hyper-local, Premium for regional, and Premium+ for national reach. I chose Premium, and this is what Best Version Media recommends. That’s because the Premium membership gives me the right geography to connect with, lets me see I who’s interested in my business, and helps my profile stand out with a great recommendation right at the top.

  2. Set Up Your Network

    A great network has two components, quality, and depth. Alignable encourages you to bring your current network onto the platform to get a head start. They make it simple to upload any of your existing contact lists, which helps you quickly build your referrals and recommendations from customers who know you well.

    Next, start making new connections in your community and beyond. You should use the search feature to find people that fit your target market.

    As with all networking, it’s important to realize that you’re building a new relationship (or bolstering an old one), so don’t go for the sale right away. Instead, learn about the other person’s business goals and how you can help with connections or advice. Meet them for coffee, if you can.

    Pure prospecting may work for some, but I feel that building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships is the secret sauce behind effective networking.

    I have also found success by connecting with other marketers. While they are not my target customer, they are a great source of referrals. I can offer their clients an advertising medium that they don’t have access to and vice versa. Don’t confuse networking and selling :-).

  3. Boost Your Relationships & Gain Exposure

    With a network established, I’ve been busy building relationships with the chat feature and posting on the Advice forum frequently. By connecting and engaging with other members, you develop warm leads instead of relying on outdated cold calling from a local directory.

    Also, in building these relationships, you create connections who can advocate for you, something that’s impossible to do with cold calling. One of these connections might be your next best referral source.

    I am also an active member in my local chamber and find that there is a great overlap in members between the chamber and Alignable. So definitely be active in both. 

  4. Post All Events & Promotions

    When you have events or promotions, add them to your profile. Alignable will then send them out to everyone in your network, and you might also end up in the Newsletter and reach everyone in your community.

    Here’s an example of one of my latest events. Yes, I am pretty excited about the launch!!!

Finally, there are great ways to gain extra exposure on Alignable through inbound interest. Here’s a good tip sheet to follow.

Good luck with your networking. I hope this post helps!


Scott Publishing, a Best Version Media partner

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