How can I see who viewed my Alignable profile? - Premium Feature

Being able to see who viewed your business profile is a feature available for Premium and Premium Plus members and it's a great way to see the businesses who might be interested in meeting you, or in hiring you for your services.

To see who viewed your profile on a desktop device: 

  1. Go to your business profile

    Go to your business profile by clicking on the My Business dropdown and clicking Visit My Business Profile.


  2. Go to the Profile Activity page.

    On the sub-navigation menu at the top of the page click Activity to access your Premium Activity dashboard.


    Here you'll be able to see how many visits your profile has received in the last 90 days, who is referring your business to their network, who is visiting your profile, and more.


  3. Scroll to the Visits section.

    To see who viewed your profile, scroll down to the Visits section of the Activity page.


    Here you'll be able to see how many businesses visited your profile, your services, or your events. You can also see how many businesses previewed your profile when hovering over your business information across the site.

  4. Click See Who

    Click See Who on the row ## visits to your business profile to see who viewed your profile.

    There, you'll be able to see which businesses have seen your profile and when!

Now you'll want to make sure you periodically check in on this list. Remember, if they checked your business, they might be interested in working with you, so it doesn't hurt to make sure you reach out to them to see where that connection might take you.

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