How can I manage my connections?

If you are looking to refer, recommend, message, or remove a connection from your network, this article helps you understand how to find the businesses with which you are connected and how to engage with them.

How to find your Alignable network:

There are 2 main ways you can reach the My Network connections page where you can see all of the businesses you are currently connected with.

Option 1: My Network (Top Nav)

  1. Click on My Network on the purple menu located at the top of the page.


  2. On the left navigation menu of the My Network page, click "Connections (##)".


Option 2: Click on Connections (##) via your profile.

  1. Go to your Profile by clicking on the circle with your headshot image at the top right section of the site, or click the My Business dropdown and click "Visit My Business Profile"

  2. Once on your profile, click "Connections (##)" as seen below.

Now that you've found your connections... 

Now that you've reached the My Network connections page, you will be able to see three distinct sections of the page:

  1. Core Referral Network: Your Core Referral Network is made up of businesses that you have exchanged recommendations with.

  2. Connections: Your connections are the businesses you have successfully connected with.
  3. Following: After you send a connection request to a business but before they accept, this business will be marked as following.

For businesses you are connected with, you can: 

Refer Message Recommend Remove

On Alignable, you can refer one connection to another connection or contact using the Alignable referral card as seen below:



Members you are "Following" are members you have sent connection requests to that have yet to Accept or Ignore those requests. At this time, you cannot un-send a connection request, or remove a member from the "Following" section.

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