My business is listed under the wrong category - how can I fix this?

Your business category may be listed inaccurately on your profile. If your business is listed wrong there is no need to worry, this error may have occurred during the sign-up process. This is a very simple fix.

To update or change your existing Category Tag: 

1) Head to your profile by selecting "My Business" in the top right corner of your screen on a desktop device, or by opening the side navigation on your mobile device.


2) Once on your profile, select the button at the top of the page that reads "Edit", beneath your logo: 


3) After selecting "Edit", you will be able to update both your Category Tag and add two Featured Tags as well:


4) Select the option to "Save" and your Category Tag will be updated:


  Still need help?

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Community Manager here:

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