Does Alignable offer sponsorship opportunities?

There are 2000 communities on Alignable that receive a bi-weekly community newsletter.

As a member of one of these communities, Alignable offers wonderful newsletter sponsorships.

Sponsorships regularly drive profile visits, referrals, and new business leads -- everything you want to rev up your business and really stand out.

Join some of the most successful people in our network. As a sponsor, your business will be featured prominently in your local newsletter, landing in the inboxes of the most influential community members. Plus, your community page will showcase your sponsorship for a week.

Learn more about your sponsorship opportunities at the link below:

Note: Sponsorships are only available for Verified, Premium,
and Premium Plus Alignable Users.
If you are a free Explorer member, you will be prompted to
upgrade your membership before you can purchase a sponsorship.
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