I'm located in the US & Canada, but am blocked from joining Alignable?

Thank you for your interest in joining Alignable - The Small Business Network! At this time, Alignable is only available to businesses headquartered within the US or Canada with plans to expand to more countries soon!

If your business is not located within these countries and would like to get notified when we expand to your country, please read this article: Can I join Alignable if I am not located in the US or Canada?

Now, if your business is within the US or Canada, and you still received a message that Alignable was only within the US or Canada, no worries! Send us your business name, business website, business address in the US or Canada, and the email address at which you received the invitation to join so we can verify your account! You can email this information to Support at Support@Alignable.com.

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If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Community Manager here:

Contact My Community Manager

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