What is my Alignable Networking Radius?

Alignable uses a networking radius to foster the creation of meaningful connections.

Your Networking Radius is comprised of the nearest business to you that you can connect with, and it is determined by your membership level.

Free Plan (Explorer): Your Networking Radius is comprised of the 500 nearest businesses to your location. This is not necessarily all the businesses in your community. With your free Explorer membership, you receive 10 Connection Credits each month to introduce yourself to members in your Networking Radius. Networking with 10 new businesses each month is a powerful and meaningful way to expand your network and grow your business so we start you off at that level!

Local (Verified): Your Networking Radius is comprised of the 5000 nearest businesses to your location. With your Verified membership, you receive 15 Connection Credits each month to introduce yourself to members in your Networking Radius.

Regional and National (Premium/Premium+):  Your Networking Radius is comprised of all 3+ million businesses in the US + Canada. If you are looking for a membership that increases your visibility both locally and nationally, while giving you credits to connect outside your Local Area, this is the way to go.

Check out our plans here: https://www.alignable.com/biz/memberships/plans  

FAQs :

Why can't I connect with a nearby business a few miles away?

-  At Alignable we value quality interactions, so we start you off at a level where developing those relationships is easy. If you cannot connect with a nearby business, that is most likely because you are an Explorer member, and they are outside of your radius of the 500 nearest businesses. It is common in congested communities for this radius to be less than a few miles large. 

How did a business outside of my Networking radius connect with me? I cannot connect to another business that is outside of my radius?

- If you received a connection request from a far away user, that probably means they were a Premium member. Premium members have the benefit of being able to initiate a connection request with any of the 2.5 million+ Alignable businesses across the US + Canada.

How can I connect with someone I personally know without upgrading to Premium?

- There is one other way of connecting with businesses outside of your radius. That is possible through inviting them via email.

You can invite single email addresses using this link here:

Additionally, on the right-hand side of that page, you should see a box containing your very own personal invite link. You can share that link on your social media or with your contacts and If anyone clicks on that link and joins Alignable you will automatically be connected.

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