Tips on Using Alignable as a Musician


This Alignable success story was originally posted by Dave MacDonald from CHRONIC PAIN Winnipeg, MB

Whether you are new to networking or just new to the site, Alignable makes it simple to grow your network as a musician or artist. Getting started on Alignable is incredibly easy and the investment you make today can ultimately pay off 10x in the future; it's all about setting yourself up for success.

When we first joined Alignable, we were cautiously optimistic - we are Chronic Pain, a rock band based out of Winnipeg, CA and our approach to local business networking may be different than your local florist, realtor, or construction company. We set out making a few goals for Alignable and asking ourselves: who is our "ideal customer"? We updated our profile with all the information needed to stand out and got to work networking.

Here's how we found success:

  • Started connecting with the businesses we'd consider in our networking sphere - focusing primarily on studios or production companies.
  • We used the Grow My Network page to search our community by categories.
  • We started expanding to the second degree connections as well to find the business across US and Canada.
  • We took to the Advice forum, with our primary focus on providing help to as many business owners as possible. Seeing how business owners were interacted and answering questions was incredibly insightful for us.

The larger our network grew, the more SoundCloud views we received. The relationships we were building were genuine and our new connections were taking the time to actually work with us! We saw a 500% increase in traffic to our various social media accounts and an influx of emails from industry decision makers.

My advice to other Alignable members is to keep an open mind to what businesses you could partner with. Just because a business might not be directly related to what you do, does not mean you can't help each other. Word spreads quickly, and every business has something to say. By taking an outward approach to networking on Alignable, you will be surprised how quickly your presence in your community will grow. A simple message or recommendation can uncover unseen opportunities.

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