📅 The 45-Day Rule for Promotions & Events


Here's a great rule of thumb to follow shared by Eric Groves, CEO & Co-Founder of Alignable!

Hosting a Promotion or Event is a great way to engage and draw customers to your business, but in today’s world of instant notifications, many businesses wait too long before starting to get the word out.  A great rule of thumb is to start the notification process at least 45 days in advance. 

Why 45 days?  After being married for many years to an “A” type person I've realized that if you want to draw the greatest audience you need to plan based on the schedule of the planners. If you’re holding a Memorial Day event then recognize planners are already searching for things to do around that holiday in early April. 

Here’s a starting point from which you can build your own marketing plan:

  • 45 Days In Advance – Post your Promotion to Alignable, your website calendar, your town calendar, and post a save the date posted on social media (including your email newsletter)

  • 7 Days In Advance – Share a post that includes any "Upcoming Events" to social media & via email and encourage other local businesses to share it with their networks

  • 1 Day In Advance - Post a "Reminder, Event Tomorrow" post via social media

This will enable search engines to pick up your event in time to drive some traffic, will give your customers and followers ample time whether they are planners or procrastinators, and will maximize the number of people you reach. 


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