Why should I connect my existing network to Alignable?

Great question! There are tons of benefits of connecting your existing network to Alignable, we’ve shared them below!:

See Who You Know

When you connect an existing network, you’ll get access to a list of all those in your network that are small business owners - allowing you to “Connect” with anyone on Alignable and “Invite” anyone who has yet to join. Connect and invite a few or add all, either way, you are starting off with your best foot forward.

Extend Your Referral Network

The more members you’re connected with, especially those you know, the larger your Alignable referral network is!

Any time you share referable content (Products/Services, Recommendations, Events/Promotions, Advice Content, etc.) and one of your connections share it, not only do they see it, but their Alignable network is notified of the share. That means that your content is being shared with more than just one member, but all of their connections as well!

Get Recommended

Recommendations are the key to getting referrals on Alignable and they can come from anywhere, even outside of your community. When you connect your network, you can invite the businesses that you've worked with to recommend you.

Recommendations help to establish trust with new business owners & members, and also help you to appear higher in Search Results and the Community Directory!

Find And Recommend Those You Know

Equally as valuable as getting recommended is leaving recommendations for the businesses you know and trust. Not only will it help the businesses you're recommending, when you leave a recommendation your business appears on their profile as well!

Establish Your Presence

Having connections and recommendations on your profile helps build credibility by showing your neighbors that you mean business!


You are always in charge of who you add to Alignable. If you ever change your mind and don't like seeing all of your referral opportunities in one place just let your community manager know and they can remove any network you choose to connect.

It's unfortunate that some of the other larger networks spammed contacts in the past and made people hesitant to connect their networks. At Alignable, our main focus is growing our member base and spamming people would only hurt us, ruin our reputation, and ultimately cause fewer people to join in the long term. We have no interest in doing that.

When you connect an existing network you are in complete control. Not only is this network completely private to you, but you're 100% in control over the emails sent and contacts invited. We will never contact anyone on your behalf without your say-so.

After connecting an existing network, you'll be given the option to "Connect" with members already on Alignable, or "Invite" those who aren't. To make things easier, we give you the option to add all your contacts at once if you'd like - sending connection requests to anyone who is a member, and invitations to anyone who isn't.


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