Using the Referral Dashboard to Find Leads

Q: How do I unlock Views?

A: In order to unlock views, you need to be a Premium or Premium+ member of Alignable. There are a number of benefits to upgrading your membership - all of which you can see here.

Q: What are Referrals?

A: Referrals happen when your network introduces you to others through Likes, Recommendations, and Shares. Any time this occurs, your business, Product/Service, Event/Promotion, etc. are shared with the entirety of your Alignable network.

Q: What are Visits?

A: When people land on your profile, your featured Products & Services, recommendations, or Event & Promotion pages, these count as visits to pages associated with your business.

Q: What are Impressions?

A: Impressions occur whenever members see any content you've posted - this includes all Visits, as well as views that occur on other pages featuring your content like the  Community Calendar, on the Activity Feed, in emails, or in other places!

Q: What is the Q&A Forum?

A: Everything in the Q&A Forum includes interactions with content you’ve shared on the Q&A Forum, this includes Likes, Shares, Comments, and Impressions from the great questions or answers you’ve asked. The Q&A Forum is a great place for business owners to share their experience with professionals from all over, and if you haven’t added content to the Forum yet, it’s a great way to drive inbound activity to your profile.  

Q: What is a Web Visitor?

A: Web Visitors are non-members who see your Alignable public content being shared around the web (this includes your business’s profile, Products/Services, Events/Promotions, and Q&A Forum content).

Q: Who else can see my Referral Dashboard?

A: Your Referral Dashboard (located on your profile) and your Referral Activity Feed (located in the sub-navigation of your profile) are completely private to you and no other members can see them.

Q: Can I see more information about my Views?

A: By selecting the “View Activity” button from your Referral Dashboard on your profile, or by selecting the “Activity” option in your profile’s sub-navigation you can view a more in-depth breakdown of your Referrals, Visits, Impressions, and Q&A Forum content.

Q: How far back does my Referral Activity go back?

A: At this time, all Referral Activity is reported in a rolling 90-day period.

Q: How can I increase my Referral Activity?

A: The best way to increase your Referral Activity is by being active on the platform! You can increase your activity by sharing a Product/Service, Event/Promotion, leaving great written recommendations of your favorite business, or by asking and answering questions in the Q&A Forum!

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