What are referral cards and how do I use them? Referral Cards FAQ.

At Alignable, it’s no secret, we love finding you referrals - so we built a tool to make that process even easier.

Introducing the Referral Card.


Your Referral Card is your virtual business card and Alignable is your virtual networking event! Not only can you send your own Referral Card out to anyone you would like to showcase your business to, you can also directly refer other Alignable businesses you know and trust by sharing their Referral Card!


Q: How do I use a Referral Card?

A: If you navigate to any profile, your own or another member’s, you’ll see the option to forward (indicated by the rounded arrow) a Referral Card. Once you select this option, you can forward your referral card to any existing connections by simply entering their name if you’re connected or their email if you have yet to connect. From there, you can also add a personal message before forwarding the Referral Card. To see this process in action, check out our tutorial video! 



Q: Where can I find my Referral Card?

A: The quickest way to find your own Referral Card is by selecting the forward Referral Card option at the top of your profile (located beneath your business’s logo and next to the “Edit Profile” button).



Q: How can I customize my Referral Card?

A: You can customize your Referral Card is by selecting the forward Referral Card button and then selecting the option to “Edit Preview”. Here you can make changes to the tags listed and the photo that appears.


Q: What tags show on my Referral Card?

A: Both your Category Tag and your two Featured Tags appear on your Referral Card in addition to your Logo or Headshot, your location, and your Highly Recommended badge & your membership badge if you have them!


Q: Can I forward my own Referral Card?

A: Definitely - it’s a great way to spread the word on what types of referrals you are looking for.


Q: Why would I forward a Referral Card?

A: Forwarding the Referral Card of a business that you know and trust is a great way to make introductions and help out your connections! You can also forward your own Referral Card to businesses both on and off Alignable.


Q: Can I send a Referral Card to anyone?

A: Your Referral Card can be sent to both members and non-members! Anyone who isn’t an Alignable member that you share your Referral Card with can also sign-up to join you on Alignable as if you invited them!

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