How Do I Edit the "How We Got Started" Section of My Profile?


Thanks for checking out the Alignable Help Center! This article is great for helping you edit one section of your profile. If you need help editing the rest of your profile, you should check out this article here. Happy networking!

Click here to edit the "How We Got Started" section of your Alignable Profile.  


1) After heading to your profile by selecting "My Business" in the top righthand corner of your screen, you can click on the "Edit" button on the “About Us” section of your profile to edit both  your About Us & How We Got Started:

If you've never added information to this section you will see this: 

If you're editing an existing About Us, the "Edit" button will be located here: 

2) Fill out the "About Us" and "How We Got Started" and add a few Product/Service tags as well before clicking "Save":

  Still need help?

If you have other questions on how to do this, you can reach out to your Community Manager by clicking here.

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