"You can network and get new clients online. Here's how I do it in just 6 simple steps!"


This Alignable success story was originally posted by Maria Taylor from MNA Services in Cypress, TX

As a bookkeeping professional, I initially joined Alignable to get connected to other business owners in my community. Now, I am actually finding new customers here!

Alignable has made the process of connecting to other business owners much easier. Before Alignable, I was a little timid in approaching other business owners not knowing who those key players were or what to say to them. With Alignable, I can quickly find these business owners and make appointments to meet with them. I’ve met some over coffee and others I have made appointments and stopped by their locations.  

Compared to other social media channels, Alignable has been the outlet that has yielded clients that I can track. I believe the reason for this is that Alignable is made up of business owners who all share a common goal: to grow our business and partner with other business owners to have a referral base!

Here’s a peek into the 6 simple steps on how I use Alignable for networking and lead gen:

  • Step 1: The first step is to fill out your profile. Make sure it looks good so that when your connections go there they know what you are all about.
  • Step 2: Add contacts from your contact list. This lets you see everyone you already know who is on Alignable and lets you invite those who aren’t. The best part about this is that you don’t have to use up any connection credits to network with the people you already know!
  • Step 3: Recommend businesses you’ve worked with and ask them to recommend you back! 
  • Step 4: Welcome new businesses to Alignable and request a meet and greet over coffee to learn more about their business to see how we can refer each other.
  • Step 5: Answer and Ask questions! There is an entire question and answer Advice Forum on the site that allows you to get and share advice to business-related questions. This is a great place to get answers quickly for a problem that is top of mind. It is also the best tool to show off your expertise and get your name out there! Answer questions with thoughtful answers. The more you do this, the more your name appears on the site, and the more you will be noticed. A lot of time, people will see your responses and click on your profile to get to know more about you! Keep an eye on your inbox too! Alignable will email you popular questions from other business owners that they think you could answer.  This is an easy way to answer questions frequently if you don’t have extra time to scroll through the feed.
  • Step 6: Connect with nearby businesses from which you share customers or could generate leads. You can actually sort by category on the “My Network” page. As a bookkeeper, I frequently look for accountants, medical suppliers, and nonprofits.
  • Step 7: Upgrade your account! Alignable has two different upgrade options, Verified and Premium. I selected the Verified option, because I wanted more local connections per month. I love it because I can connect with new businesses each month and set up meetings with them! The badge you get also helps your name stand out a bit when people are scrolling past it.

Each person that I have had the pleasure of meeting through Alignable has been approachable and willing to share knowledge of where they are and how they got there. I’ve found this part so valuable and important because I was able to see myself in each person I spoke with, all of them just wanting to better their business, lifestyle, and families.   

In the short-time that I have been a member of Alignable I have gained new customers and opportunities that I didn’t have before and for that I am truly thankful.

Since I am all about creating relationships I thought I would share a bit more information about me… In 2013 I wrote my first book "Misunderstood My Destiny" geared to Youth, this was a true story of my life as a child and youth. After I wrote the book I did an interview on the radio in Dallas, TX and from that radio interview my book was nominated for the Christian Literary Award. This was a true honor since in 2002 my husband Keith and I were ordained as Pastors under Bishops TD Jakes under The Pastoral Alliance in Dallas.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and genuinely care for the advancement of others. This is why I enjoy meeting others and helping them personally and in business. Covenant Worship Center is my ministry and our mission has been to feed the homeless, provide toys for tots, and minister to the total person.  I am a mother of two beautiful girls (well, actually, grown women) and have been married for 30-years.


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