5 + 1 Rule for Recommendations

Each Recommendation you add to your profile helps to build your reputation on Alignable.  When you reach your 5th Recommendation you'll receive a special designation as a Highly Recommended business which increases your visibility within your community.  Another way to stand out with Recommendations is to give them to others.

When you recommend and write a great review for someone else, it tells others a lot about your willingness to support others and your community.  You can also recommend and review local non-profits and charities you regularly support including school organizations.

A good rule of thumb for Recommendations on Alignable is the 5+1 Rule.

The 5+1 Rule has two components:

5: Getting and Giving 5 Recommendations is your starting point for building a profile where you stand out as a trusted resource in the community

+1: Setting yourself a goal of adding one recommendation and review each month.  

Each Recommendation and Review you add gets added to your profile AND shared with your network.  It's a great way to stay top-of-mind with your network and get them sharing you and your business with others! 

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