How does your profile compare to other businesses in your industry? 🤔

Alignable is here to make networking more efficient for you, and just like networking in-person, first impressions matter. Your Alignable profile serves as your "first impression" and having a completely filled out profile will allow you to approach new business with maximum credibility. 

How does your profile compare to other active businesses on Alignable? Here's a list of some great profiles to help inspire your own:

Real Estate

Speciality Retail


Business Services


Marketing, Advertising and Communication

Professional Services

Home Furnishings, and Goods

Universities and Schools

Barbers, Hairstyling, Spas and Beauty Salons


Retail/Department Stores

Home Improvements and Repairs


Clinics/Hospitals/Medical Centers




Auto Service, Repair and Parts

Doctors, Physicians and Assistants

Travel and Tourism

Photography and Videography

Financial Services

Exercise and Fitness, Gyms

Auto Dealers

Sports and Recreation

Computer Programming, Software and Support

Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, and Surveyors

Clothing and Accessories

Mortgage Broker and Lender


Event Planners and Supplies

Bars and Clubs


Pet Care and Supplies


Moving and Storage

Hotel, Motel

Non-Profit Organization

Construction Companies

Civic Groups and Communities

Arts, Crafts and Hobbies

Web Design, Graphic Design, and Audio

Pharmacy, Drug and Vitamin Stores

Printing and Publishing

Galleries and Museums

Cleaning and Janitorial Services

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