A tour of Alignable and its features 🗺

Welcome to the Alignable Tour 👋! This guide will help you learn how to navigate Alignable and find the tools you need to grow your business - let’s go!Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.27.56_PM.png


Alignable will look different whether you are browsing from a mobile or a desktop device.

Desktop Mobile



Think of the navigation bar as your map to all of the powerful tools at your disposal. Each page will have a version of this navigation bar making it easy to get around.



Looking for a specific business? Need an answer to a problem that your business has been struggling with? Check out Search - from Accountants to Zoos, search makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Home Page


Here you can see an endless feed of all the happenings both in your network, in your community, and our around the US and Canada. If you ever need a quick update or thoughts on where to go first, head here to see suggested businesses to connect with, updates from the businesses in your community, or Forum questions you should check out.

My Network


"My Network" is your go-to place to find all of the businesses in and around your community. Scroll through and connect with the businesses you already know or the businesses you want to meet.

My Community


"My Community" is a great place to go to stay up to date on your community. Here you'll find a directory of all the local businesses, products & services, and upcoming events.

Q&A Forum


Need some advice for your business or looking to demonstrate your thought leadership? Check out the Forum. There you can answer all the hot questions that are popping up both locally or around the US and Canada.



Once you connect with some businesses you'll be able to message them right through Alignable. Message one-on-one with another business or start a group chat with up to 20 businesses.



This notifications page is where you can find your latest activity, go here to find all the notifications you need to know about like new connections or new activity on your posts.

My Business


The "My Business" tab will take you to your business profile. Think of your profile as your business card, it will serve as your first impression as you're connecting and messaging other businesses.

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