"80% of my new clients come from Alignable. Here's how."


This Alignable success story was originally posted by Chad Hunter from Goosehead Insurance in McLean, VA 

Trying to find new clients as an insurance agent isn’t easy, especially when you’re spending days driving to the offices of mortgage lenders and realtors with no outcome. This process of lead generation was a struggle and made networking seem like an impossible task. Then I joined Alignable and it changed my whole outlook on networking. 

My Experience

On my very first day of going on referral visits, I met a lender who was too busy to talk. I felt so brushed off that I never made a second tempt to see them again. However, two days after joining Alignable, that same lender reached out to me on the site and now we are great referral partners.  

It is difficult to walk into someone’s office unannounced and try to get a brief word with them. But on Alignable, this process is so much easier. I make connections on the site and then am able to meet my potential referral partners in person. It’s like having a personal networking expert do all the work and then all I have to do is enjoy a great conversation over lunch.

How I Make Connections

I first go to “My Network” and see all the businesses that I think would be a great fit for me. Lenders, realtors, contractors, and auto dealers are a few categories that I work well with naturally as an insurance agent. Once I identify these business owners, I ask to connect.  I sometimes use a custom message but mainly I use the “to refer business to each other” message already provided. 

After we connect I try to shoot a quick message right back with a simple note like: “Hey, Jenny, it’s great to connect! How is business going on your end?” Then we usually have the normal conversation and I’ll ask them to meet on a call or for lunch, coffee, or to stop by the office.

Additional Advice

  • Make some new connections each day or week. Do your research to get to know the person you are connecting with so you can identify how you can help them. Upgrading to Premium has been great because it has allowed me to really expand my connections.
  • Add your own event/specials to your profile. These are added to the town calendar and then everyone in your town can see them.
  • Use the “category” tab on the “my network” page. This is how I easily find the mortgage brokers or realtors that I can connect with!
  • I like to check the local Forum for postings about networking events. This is a great way to meet a bunch of different members at once.
  • Post answers in the Forum. This is a great way to show off your expertise, help people out, and put more eyes on your business.
  • Give your connections something! For example, I’ll ask lenders or realtors who they are trying to meet. Then, I will set up a meeting for all three of us to connect. By giving them something, they are more likely to refer business back to you.

My biggest piece of advice for using Alignable is don’t forget to put in the work. You can’t just create an account and then expect leads to just come to you. Alignable gives you all the tools you need to reach out and make connections with them, so use them! 

The thing about networking is, it is a give and take kind of relationship. You have to prove you are the best at your job and help their business grow also. You can’t expect to find a treasure chest filled with gold if you never look.

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