"How I Get New Leads and Customers Online... And Make Friends While Doing It!"


This Alignable success story was originally posted by Loren Adams from The Loren Adams Collection - Fine Art in Makawao, HI

Alignable is the best social/business site that I have yet discovered and it is because we are encouraged to interact and engage with each other.

Because of the more personal nature of the relationships we build on Alignable, we are more comfortable doing business with them. It’s not just a place to network for leads to follow up on, it actually feels more like an extended family we’re building together.

I can testify that I have done business here both as a seller and as a happy customer.
The new client and collector I met on Alignable is very happy with his Limited Edition print. The seven museum-quality frames, with perfect closed corners, that I purchased from an Alignable member are beautifully made and the price was right. I know I’ll be ordering again because I’ll be doing business with a friend who I trust and enjoy helping and supporting.

In the spirit of friendship, I will share a confession… I actually like Alignable more than all of the other social/business sites, and I have been actively involved online since 1997. I have over 12,000 followers and connections on LinkedIn, about 1,000 on Facebook, as well as my own Facebook page. My Yessy site has well over 650 images, including close-ups of details of over 225 of my favorite original paintings.  Even though this site has produced several sales for me over the past 13 years, it is nowhere near as much fun as Alignable is because of our basic premise of engaging and interacting with others.

I’m using my Alignable Profile as an easily accessible Home Base for all of my other web activities because of how naturally friendly it started off in the first place.

Here’s what I do on Alignable and what I recommend you do, too:

  • I’m checking out my community and my own network every day.

  • I got recommended. I currently have 162 recommendations on my profile and while this number seems overwhelming as you get started, set a goal to get 5 or 10 on your profile. Recommendations go such a long way in getting others to trust you. When I visit Honolulu, the largest city in Hawaii, I’m usually looking for the most Recommended businesses first, because I know they’re taking the whole concept as seriously as I do.

  • I am active on the Advice forum because it is where you can easily get the attention and interest of others. I am picky with the questions I answer because I want to have rich conversations with others like me. At 72 years young, I’m interested in forming meaningful conversations with others with a mature outlook on business.

  • Because my business spans beyond my small community, I am upgraded to Premium so I can keep building and expanding my network.

  • I make my connections personal. When you connect with new businesses, don’t be afraid to send them personalized messages because the people on here want to meet you!  I have discovered that everybody enjoys a quick chat with a friend, so I make friends easily, in every city I visit on Alignable. This is perhaps one of the things I enjoy the most about this site. Not because I can’t be friendly on other sites, but because the members have been prompted to reach out, interact, and engage.

Fun Fact:

When I notice that a business doesn’t have a completed profile (no image, a lack of gallery photos, no ideal customer, 0 recommendations) I reach out and give them some advice. I let them know that the businesses that complete their profiles are doing well and doing business with each other because they’ve created a profile that people are interested in and want to learn more about!

  • I’m getting new customers. The relationships I have created on Alignable have turned into new, paying customers. Instead of hitting the “Connect” button and moving on, I work to foster real conversations and relationships which has been the key to lead generation here.

While I enjoy discovering new clients and doing business as a result, I actually enjoy the process more, just because the platform and the whole idea of interacting are based on the age-old premise of fellowship. Becoming true friends, being sensitive to each other’s needs, offering to help, and asking for help, are exactly what set Alignable apart from all the other social sites.

This is what I love most about Alignable, it’s all about fellowship!

 Sincerely, Loren D. Adams

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