How To Kickstart Your Network On Alignable

With millions of connections across over 20,000 local communities, Alignable makes it easy to connect with the businesses in your neighborhood and increase word of mouth referrals.

By connecting with the businesses in your community, you are opening the door to referral opportunities not just from your neighbors, but their connections as well.

Here are the top 3 things you can do today to begin growing your network on Alignable:


1.Explore the Grow My Network page

The quickest and easiest way to connect with businesses on Alignable is through the "Grow My Network" page where you can browse businesses nearby and in your community. Connect with a few of your neighbors or use Alignable's targeting tools to search by category and find the businesses that fit your target customer.


Start by connecting with 5 businesses and kickstart your Alignable referral engine.


2. Browse your Community page.

Are you the top ranked business in your town?? Who are all the business owners nearby? On your My Community Page, you can browse the full directory of businesses and see any upcoming events & promotions.


Sort the directory by recommendations and see how you rank amongst the other businesses.


3. Get Recommended by Clients & Customers

Getting recommended is the key to increasing your visibility in your local community. Recommendations increase business credibility and will help your profile appear higher in Alignable search results. The easiest way to get recommended on Alignable is to connect with the businesses you know.


When you import your address book, we'll show you which of your contacts that are business owners and ask them to give you a recommendation.

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