What are the benefits of a Verified membership?


15 Connections: 


With your Verified membership on Alignable, you receive 15 Connection Credits every month to connect and introduce yourself to members in and around your local area. As a Verified Member, you can reach as many as 5,000 businesses locally.  Networking with 15 new businesses every month is a pretty powerful and meaningful way to expand your network!



Increased Visibility, Status, and Trust: 


Your Verified badge follows you throughout Alignable, increasing your visibility and showing other members that you mean business.


Stand Out In Google Searches: 


Your Alignable Profile is designed with search in mind. Boost your business’s online presence and make it easy for potential leads to find your business on search engines.


Build and Forward An Online Referral Card: 


Your Referral Card is your virtual business card and Alignable is your virtual networking event! Not only can you send your own Referral Card out to anyone you would like to showcase your business to, you can also directly refer other Alignable businesses you know and trust by sharing their Referral Card! 


Access to the Business Owner Q&A Forum:


Access to the business owner Q&A Forum where you can get any questions you have answered by fellow business owners. Doesn’t matter if your question is about marketing, a local event, or how to best retain your employees, the Q&A Forum is the place where business owners are sharing knowledge. 


These are just some of the great benefits of being a Verified member on Alignable. In addition to all of these great, lead-driving, features you also have access to:

  • The ability to share your Products/Services & Events/Promotions with your entire network
  • The ability to have your Referral Card, Recommendations and Q&A Forum content forwarded and shared with members both on and off of Alignable


If you have other questions, you can reach out to your Community Manager by clicking here.

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