What are the benefits of a Premium membership?

Connect Across North America

Leverage your 40 Connection Credits every month to grow your network anywhere across North America. Find great peers, customers, vendors, or business partners from over 8.6 million Alignable Members!

See Who Visited Your Profile

You can see who visited your profile, what they saw and how they found you. Discover new leads and connect with the businesses that are interested in what you have to offer.

Access to Premium Insights:

We'll show you why people are interested in your business, so you can build a data-driven strategy to increase your influence. You'll also see what to do next to get noticed by more businesses in your area, helping you grow your network with more relevant connections.

Relationship Cards

As a Premium Member you get access to AI-powered next step cards for starting or deepening relationships with other members. When you visit a connection's profile, we provide a set of actions to break the ice, deepen your relationship, or take it to the next level.

Increased Visibility, Status, and Trust

Your Premium badge follows you throughout Alignable, increasing your visibility and showing other members that you mean business.

Stand Out In Google Searches

Your Alignable Profile is designed with search in mind. Boost your business’s online presence and make it easy for potential leads to find your business on search engines.

Premium Only Events

Access to Premium only member events such as Premium Office Hours, Webinars, and  Smart ConnectsSM.

As a Premium Member attending Smart ConnectSM events, you will not be paired with the same people across events if you've been in a break out room with them recently. (Event attendance permitting)

Priority Support

You have a dedicated Premium Coach, Phillip, that you can send direct messages to through Alignable. You also get priority support with the member success team who answers within 24 hours (vs 48 hours for free members). 

Be a Leader!

As a Premium member you are able to apply to be a Group Leader or an Alliance Ambassador. You also qualify to be a vendor on the Vendor Marketplace (if your services apply.)

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