How to complete the ideal customer section of my business profile?


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Having ideal customer details on your profile helps us find you the connections you're looking for. Additionally, any profile visitors will know exactly if they're a fit or who to send your way. 

Click Here to edit the Ideal Customer on your Business Profile.

  1. To fill out your Ideal Customer section click on the Add your Ideal Customer button on the center of the Ideal Customer section on your business profile page:


  2. Then a popup will appear. Start by selecting your Customer Type and Customer Location as seen below: 

  3. Next, you'll want to fill out the types of customers who you would like to be referred to by adding the tags that identify those customers. These is your end consumer or your end customer.

  4. Next, you'll want to add the types of businesses that you can share referrals with. In other words, which types of businesses can help you reach your ideal customer through referral or co-promotional partnerships. Adding these is important as it will also help Alignable when suggesting you businesses to connect with.

  5. Finally, add a few sentences that describe who your ideal customer is in more detail.

    Screen_Shot_2020-04-	01_at_12.16.58_PM.png

    Here is Alignable's Ideal Customer Description as an idea:

    Small and independent business owners and employees who are interested in connecting with others, building trusted relationships, and unlocking access to resources needed for greater success.

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