How do I create an account for a second business on Alignable?

If you are looking to run networking efforts for more than one business you own or are a part of, you've come to the right place. Although you currently cannot manage more than one business using one account, we've put together 2 creative ways for you to manage your Alignable presence for multiple businesses:

  1. Creating a unique account for each individual business.

    One thing to keep in mind is that on Alignable, connections happen between two businesses rather than two individuals. This is why profile's on Alignable are built to represent a business with its primary features being the name of the business, logo, category, contact information, etc.

    If you were to place information about more than one business on a single profile, it can confuse other businesses you are looking to connect with, in that, they might not understand exactly who you are, what you do, what recommendations you received for what works, and more importantly, how they could help your business if a partnership of some kind would be developed.

    Because of this, we always suggest that when looking to network for more than one business, you create an account with a unique email address for each business. And if you need help logging in and out of each account, here's a great article on how to log out of your account and another on how you can log into an account.

  2. Represent a parent company that owns each of your businesses. 

    If you happen to own or are part of more than one business, it's common that such involvements are owned by a parent company or organization. In such a case, we suggest you represent the parent organization with its own unique information and detail the parent company's involvement in the other businesses in the "About Us' description of the profile.

    This way if other businesses visit the profile of the parent company, they will more easily understand what you do, what your business goals are, and more importantly, how they can help your business grow.

    For example, if you are a restauranteur, instead of creating multiple profiles for all of the restaurants you own, create one profile for your restaurant group detailing its ownership of all of those restaurants.

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