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Can I re-order my list of Products and Services on my profile?

You can edit the order of your products and services by going to the Promotions & Services page! To get to the Promotions & Services page click on the link below or follow the steps below. 

Click here to go to the products & services page.

1. Go to you profile by clicking on my business on the top right navigation menu. This will open your My Business profile. 


2. Once on your profile click on "Promotions" on the top sub navigation menu as seen below: 


3.  If you have created products or services in the past, you will see the page in image below. Scroll down to the Products & Services section:  


4. To re-organize, click and hold the three dots on the left side of the image of your product or service as seen below:

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Community Manager here:


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