Make the most of Smart Connect℠ with Premium Benefits

Smart Connect℠ Premium Features (Beta)

Smart Connect℠ events are your best opportunity to meet with other businesses on Alignable and quickly grow your network. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of new Premium features designed to help you and other Premium members make the most out of each Smart Connect℠ event you attend. 

Pro Tip: Update Your Profile Preferences to Unlock the Best Smart Connect℠ Experience

New Smart Connect features rely on your profile preferences. Update yours by registering for a Smart Connect℠, then, a pop up modal will ask you to update your preferences by clicking “Get Started,” this will bring you to a chat assistant that will help you customize your preferences. 



The Chat assistant will ask you to confirm your preferences and once you confirm they are correct, your preferences will be saved. For the time being, these can not be edited but that will be available in a future iteration.

Here’s what’s new for Premium Members:

Network Insights
Unlock a short description for each member you meet at a Smart Connect℠ event. Quickly learn who you are meeting and how you can help each other.

User Facts
Gain additional information about your Smart Connect℠ matches, including, how long they’ve been on Alignable, how many Smart Connect℠ events they’ve attended, and more.

Priority Matching
At select meetings, Alignable will suppress businesses you’ve already met at a Smart Connect℠. Fewer repeats means more opportunities to meet your ideal partners.

*This feature will be available as a Premium member for all Smart Connect℠ events coming soon!

Not a Premium member? Your current experience will stay the same. If you find you are meeting the same person more than once across multiple events, the host can not manually move you to another breakout room. This feature is a Premium benefit only. You can upgrade and start to experience the difference of a Premium Smart Connect℠ including all the great features listed above.


Have feedback? Please share it with our team so we can continue to improve these features.


Please note: New Premium Smart Connect℠ features are in beta. Features are subject to change based on member feedback.


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