How do I delete / deactivate my Alignable account?

Please Note The Following:

  • Deactivating your Alignable account is a permanent action that cannot be undone.
  • Only the Primary User or Face of the Business can deactivate the account.
  • If you have an active paid membership, or sponsorship subscription you will need to downgrade your membership or cancel your upcoming sponsorship before deactivating your account.
  • You can always unsubscribe your email address from receiving Alignable emails here.

Click Here to start deactivating your Alignable account.

To deactivate your account... 

  1. Log into your accountIf you have trouble logging in, see how to log into your account here

  2. Once you are logged in, open the My Business (▼) dropdown in the upper-right hand corner and click Account Settings.

  3. On the account settings page, click I want to permanently deactivate my business account at the bottom of the page under the Save button. You will only be able to deactivate your account if you are the face of the business and you currently don't have an active paid subscription. If you do have a paid subscription, you'll need to cancel it first

  4. Answer Step 1 and be sure to click Next Step.

  5.  For Step 2, if you have a password enter your password in the password field. If you have forgotten your password or have not yet set up a password, click the link below the password field that says Forgot your password? and an email will be sent with a verification code to your email on file. Enter the verification code from the email on the deactivation page to verify your account. Click Next Step.


    The subject line of the email will be Confirm Account Deactivation and will be sent from It may take up to 5-10 minutes before you receive the verification email. If you do not receive the deactivation instructions email, please follow the troubleshooting instructions here.

  6. Be sure to check over the information of the account you are removing and Select the Checkbox. 

  7. Click Deactivate Business Account to finish the deactivation process. Note if you have multiple accounts only the account that you are currently signed in to and actively deleting will be deleted.   


Click Here to start deactivating your Alignable account.

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