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How do I delete / deactivate my Alignable account?

Please Note: Deactivating your Alignable account is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Only the primary user of the business account can deactivate the account.

To deactivate your account, follow the following steps:

1. Login to on your computer (not the mobile app)

2. Click "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner.

3. On the Edit Your Account Settings page, click the red 'Deactivate Account' button. 

4. To continue with deactivating, click 'Email Me Deactivation Instructions'. You will receive an email (to the email address associated with your Alignable account) with next steps. 

5. You will receive the following email (see image below). Click on "Click on this link" to go to the deactivation page. 

6. The email link will take you to the page below. Enter the business name in the first cell identically as you did when you first signed up, or as it's show on your profile, including punctuation.

Next, enter a reason for deactivating your account and "Confirm Deactivation" to deactivate your account.  


Please be aware of the error message below. You must enter the business name identically as you did when you first signed up, including punctuation. The prompt with your exact business name will show up underneath the business name field for you to copy. 


If you have any further issues, you can contact support by sending an email to

If you do not have an Alignable account, you can unsubscribe to invitation emails here here:




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