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How can I see who has recommended me?

You can see what businesses have recommended you on Alignable AND who you have recommended on Alignable from the Recommendations page. This can be found under My Business in the left-hand menu.

If you have any Pending Recommendations (recommendations that have been given to you that you have not yet claimed), they will be shown in the top section of this page: "Add to your local reputation".

Recommendations given to you and recommendations given by you are split up into two tabs.

If there are any recommendations that have been given to you that you would like to remove from your business page, you can get rid of them by clicking the black X in the right-hand corner of that specific recommendation.

In the "You Recommend" tab, you can easily give new recommendations to businesses you know, enjoy working with, and would refer customer to.

You can also see recommendations that you have received and given in the appropriate sections of your business page.


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