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How do I post a question for other users to answer?

Asking questions on Alignable is a great way to engage with fellow business owners, gain new insights, and get creative and thoughtful answers to some of your toughest questions. 

To ask a question

Click "Ask and Learn" on the left side of the screen. 

At the top of the page, there is a white box with your image in it that reads "Ask a Question". Click in the white box to begin typing your question.

You have a few options for where your question will be located/who will be exposed to it. You can choose:

  • Public: Seen by the entire community. When you select public, the question will automatically be sent to the community management team at Alignable to first approve the question. Once it is approved, the question will automatically be posted publicly.
  • My Network: The question will be posted for your network to see and answer
  • Your community/town: All Alignable users within your community, regardless of whether you are connected with them, can see/answer
  • Specific groups: Any groups you belong to will also be listed here. Select the g group you would like the question posted to. 


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