How do I add an admin to my Alignable account?

You can add anyone to be an admin of your business profile by following these steps:

  1. Log in and go to your business profile.

    Go to your profile by clicking on My Business in the top right section of the site.

  2. Find the Our Team section.

    Scroll through your profile until you see the Our Team section. Here, click Add user on the top right part of the box to invite a team member to join as an admin:

  3. Fill out your team member's info and Save.

    A popup will appear prompting you to fill out the information to invite a Team Member to join. To invite them, fill out the First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password and click Save:

  4. Share log-in info with team member.

    While the team member can now log in to Alignable using the email and password you set up for their account, at this time they do not receive an automated email invite letting them know. So you'll want to send them the log-in information you set up for them so that they can log into the account.

⚠️ Alert

Emails that are already in use.

Each Alignable account uses an email address unique to that account and only one email can be associated with an account. Because of this, if you received an error stating the email you tried to add was already in use, it's likely because it's being used by another account. To troubleshoot:

  • Consider using an alternative email.
  • Deactivate the account currently utilizing the desired email. If you don't remember the password for the account, no worries. As long as you have access to the email account, you can reset the password for the account, regain access, and have it deactivated.

    How to reset your password?

    How to deactivate an account?

    Once deactivated the account, log back into your main business account and add your team member utilizing your desired email.

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