Why should I add Events or Promotions?

Promotions (and Events) are a great way to share any upcoming event, sale, or announcement you have with both your Alignable community and your extended Alignable network.  
When a promotion is posted it is automatically listed on your Alignable community's Community Calendar. Your Alignable connections will also be notified that you created that promotion, allowing them to like and refer it with their respective networks, helping your event reach more people. Promotions are also added to your connection's Referral Activity feeds which are visited by members every day.
Not only are Promotions a great way to inform your local business community about upcoming specials and sales, but the Community pages can also be seen by non-members (including consumers!) in your area as well as all Alignable members outside of your Local Community. These Community pages are SEO optimized, meaning that people can discover your Events & Promotions while searching for local happenings.
To make things even easier, you can share any Events or Promotions to your other social channels (and even your website!), so you don't need to post about the same event over and over again. Adding it once to Alignable can be used to share the listing to other platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - other members can share your Promotions to their social channels too.
If you're interested in adding a Promotion, there are a number of places you can easily do so on Alignable:

If you would like to see a list of events happening in your community you can see them here:

Looking for tips on writing a great Promotion title and description? Check out this support article for tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions.


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