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How do I create a new group?

Here is the direct link for creating a group. If you are logged into your alignable account, it will take you directly to the page you need.

Here are the step by step instructions for creating a group: 

1) Click Ask and Learn in the left toolbar. 

2) Under "Your Groups" on the right side of the page, click "Edit Groups" (which you'll find at the end of the list of your groups)

3) Click "Find Groups" in the upper right corner of the page. 

4) Click "Create a Group" in the upper right corner of the page. 

5) Fill in the appropriate information. To make the group private, so that you have to approve users to join, click "Private". If you want anyone to be able to join, select "Public" 


To add someone to your private group, simply click "+Members" and type the business name or email address of the person you are trying to add. If you are inviting someone who is not already an Alignable member, you can send them a personalized message explaining why you invited them to the group. 



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