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How do I recommend another business?

You can recommend a business in one of two ways. 

Option 1: If you have a specific business in mind you want to recommend, make sure you are logged into Alignable. Go to the profile page of the business you want to recommend by  searching for their company name in the search bar at the top of the page. 

Click on their business name to head to their profile. 

Once on their profile page, click the star that can be found to the right of their company name and to the left of the word "messages". 

When you click the star, you are given the option write a review about that business, letting others know why you recommend them. 


Option 2: This is a good option if you don't have a specific business in mind, but want to search through your connections to see if there is a business there you would like to recommend.

Click on "Businesses" on the left side of the page.

If not already selected, click "My Network". Click

This page will show you two things

1) Your Core Referral Network: Businesses you mutually recommend and actively work with

2) Your Connections: Businesses you are connected to that aren't part of your core.

Under your connections, you will see two stars next to each business. If the first star is purple, that means you recommend them, if the second star is purple, that means they have given you a recommendation. 

To recommend a business, click on that first purple star next to their name. 

Note: You must be connected to a business to recommend them. By recommending a business they will be listed on your profile as a recommended business. 






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