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How do I connect my Facebook business page to Alignable?

How to Connect Your Facebook Business Page:

Click on your name in the upper right corner of the page and click "edit profile" or click "Profile" from the left navigation bar to get to your Profile.

Once on your business page (aka Profile), scroll down to see the section on the right of the page that reads "Recent Posts".



Click the blue "Connect Facebook" button. The following message will pop up:

Click with "Connect with Facebook" to proceed. You will be asked to log in to Facebook using your personal Facebook credentials, but this is to get to the permissions for your business page. Every Facebook business page is tied to personal Facebook accounts (that manage the business pages), so this step is necessary in order to proceed. Alignable will never access your personal Facebook page or any other business pages you manage except for the one you choose to connect to your Alignable profile. 

Once you select the appropriate Facebook business page, your recent posts to that page will be automatically pulled in and displayed in the Recent Posts section of your Alignable profile.





  • Avatar
    Ric Faust

    When I try to connect my FB page it defaults to personal page. How do I switch to my business page? My only option is to switch user, not switch page. Can't we just provide the URL of our business page?

  • Avatar
    Gabe Ellis-Ferrara

    Hi Ric - Facebook needs to go through your personal page in order to access the business page and make sure you have admin privileges of that page. But don't worry, we don't manage either page and we certainly don't pull any of your information off of your personal page (only your business page). Let me know if you have any further questions; I hope this helped!

  • Avatar
    Ric Faust

    Thank you. For some reason, I didn't get the choice of which profile to choose in the past; this time I did.

  • Avatar
    Susan Hughes

    I entered the wrong password when I tried to connect my Facebook page.  Now, I can't connect at all and I don't know how to remove the existing connection.   Is there a way that this can be corrected?

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Fischer

    I followed the step by step instructions and after I hit edit profile, I only get my name and photo as options. I am not getting any option to connect my facebook page at all.  Still having trouble. ;(

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