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How do I add events or promotions?


You can post an upcoming event or promotion (specials, sales, etc.) from 3 places within Alignable:

1) Promotions page (under My Business in the left-hand menu)

2) Your Business Page, in the Upcoming Events & Promotions section

3) Your Community Page, on the Events & Promotions tab

Click "Add Event" or "Add Promotion/Event" and fill in the appropriate information.

The Title of your event or promotion should be clear and not too long.

Good examples for Event Titles: 
- Bob's Burgers Grand Opening!
- Kitchen Outfitters Garage Sale
- Social Media Workshop
- Cedar Rapids Farmers Market

Good examples for Promotion Titles:
- Back to School Sale at Kitchen Outfitters
- 10% off for New Clients at ABC Gym
- BOGO This Month at Shoes R Us
- Free Home Inspection with Purchase

You can put all of the details in the Description section, which has a maximum of 1000 available characters. You can also include a link to your website or ticketing site if you'd like in this section.

Next, choose whether the event is primarily for "Other Businesses" (B2B events or promotions) or "Consumers" (the general public).

Then add a date and time. If you are posting an event (which is frequently on one specific day, though not always), choose the same date on the calendar for both start date and end date. When the event (or promotion) is on one single day, you will see another box appear for you to list the start and end times for the event.

When the promotion (or event) is more than one day, you only need to select a start date and an end date on the calendar. The maximum date range for promotions is 30 days

Make sure you Add a Photo for your event or promotion. It is a lot easier to get noticed on the Community calendar when there is a nice image or photo accompanying your event or promotion post. Click the blue "Upload Photo" button to start. Then you will be able to drag and drop an image into the box shown, or you can click the green "Browse for a File" button to search the files on your computer.

Please note: the image must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF file format.

Use the slider tool below the image preview to zoom in and out on the photo to make it fit. You can also drag the photo around to crop the image how you like it. 

Click "Save" when you're happy with how the image looks.

Lastly, make sure the "Location" field is completed. The location of your business (if provided for your Alignable business page) auto-populates here, but you can update it to wherever your event or promotion will be happening if not at your place of business. It's very important that people know where to find your awesome event!

Click the blue "Create" button when you've filled in all of the information to make sure your event/promotion saves! 

You can edit your listing at anytime from the Promotions page.

Now your event is on your Community page for local businesses and consumers to see!


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