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How do I add/edit events or promotions?

1. You can post an event or promotions by going to your My Business profile. To get to your my business profile, click on My Business on the top navigation menu. This will open a dropdown. Click View Profile: 


2. Once there, scroll down to the Events & Promotions section of the profile (see image below). Click on "+Add"


3. Once you click on “+ Add”, a popup will appear as seen in the image below. Here you will be able to add a title, description and a logo, as well as where and when the event will be held, and whether the event or promotion is a B2B or B2C event. You will only be given the choice to add a time of the event if the event starts and ends on the same day. If they start and end on different days then this option will be hidden.

The Title of your event or promotion should be clear and not too long.

Good examples for Event Titles: 
- Bob's Burgers Grand Opening!
- Kitchen Outfitters Garage Sale
- Social Media Workshop
- Cedar Rapids Farmers Market

Good examples for Promotion Titles:
- Back to School Sale at Kitchen Outfitters
- 10% off for New Clients at ABC Gym
- BOGO This Month at Shoes R Us
- Free Home Inspection with Purchase

Make sure you Add a Photo for your event or promotion. It is a lot easier to get noticed on the Community calendar when there is a nice image or photo accompanying your event or promotion post. Click the blue "Upload Photo" button to start. Then you will be able to drag and drop an image into the box shown, or you can click the green "Browse for a File" button to search the files on your computer.

Please note: the image must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF file format.

4. Once done filling out your event or promotion, click “Create” to save to your profile.



You can edit your listing at anytime from the Promotions page.

Now your event is on your Community page for local businesses and consumers to see!

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Community Manager here:


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