How do I cancel my Community Newsletter Sponsorship?

To cancel a Community Newsletter Sponsorship on Alignable, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Alignable Account.
  2. Click on the My Business (▼) dropdown on the top-right section of the site. In the dropdown, click Sponsorships.
  3. Click onto the “Sponsorships” page
  4. Click the Community you would like to stop sponsoring.
  5. Scroll down to the sponsorship you want to cancel and click "Cancel Sponsorship".
  6. A warning pop-up will appear. Choose “Yes, I want to cancel” to confirm the cancellation.
  7. You will also be prompted to give a reason for cancellation. Answer the survey to confirm the cancellation.
  8. You must cancel each community sponsorship individually or they will stay active. 


  1. Canceling a sponsorship will stop any further charges for that community sponsorship, but will not provide a refund for any charges already incurred.
  2. Each sponsorship must be cancelled separately
  3. Sponsorship cancellation does not cancel a Premium membership or a paid group membership

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