Will Alignable spam or sell my contacts?

Alignable's main focus right now is growing its user base, so spamming people would only hurt us, ruin our reputation, and ultimately cause fewer people to join in the long-term. We have no interest in doing that.

So in other words:

1) You are always 100% in control over emails sent and contacts invited.

2) We will never contact anyone on your behalf without your permission.

For a more in-depth look at what happens:

We take the data from whatever list you have and match it up against our own small business database. Then, we organize the matched data into a list you are in control of separated by who is currently on Alignable and who you can invite to join. Then, you can choose exactly who you want to send invitations to. Users that join off of your invitation link will be asked to recommend your business when they first get set up. They'll also get an "Invited By [Your Business Name]" link on their page that should help generate some extra traffic to your profile. 

If someone you know is already on the network you can send them a "connection" request so you can be linked up on here. We will never invite your entire contact list unless you ask us to by clicking "Invite All" at the top.

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