How to edit my email preferences for a specific forum post?

If you've interacted with a forum post and want to edit how many email updates you receive, you can edit your email preferences by following the instructions below: 

1. Go to the forum post. Once there, click on "Email Alerts" below the question. If you've commented on this discussion, the button will be orange. If you haven't commented, the button will be white. 

2. If you would like to receive all notifications relating to this specific post, click "Email Alerts" once to change your settings to "Email Alerts (All)". The button will change to orange per the image below: 

If you click a second time, a drop-down will open showing you how more options to edit your email preferences. You can choose between the following options: 

     A. If you would like to receive no further update emails, choose the "Mute Emails" option. 

     B. If you would like to receive updates for only when other members reply to your comments choose the "Change to replies to me only" option. 

     C. If you would like to continue to receive all updates from the post, choose the "Receiving All Comments".


If you need further help, you can contact your Community Manager by going to the link below:



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